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Haymarket dental is a very modern dental practice conveniently situated a stone’s throw from Haymarket train station. It has been an established dental practice for over 100 years and was taken over by husband and wife team Drs Andrew and Kiki Norman in 2009.

The team is dedicated to providing excellent dentistry in a welcoming environment using the most advanced technology. We are delighted to offer digital dentistry at Haymarket Dental in the form of Cerec.



General Testimonial

My dentist recommended the Sleep Clench Inhibitor (SCi) after discussing my night-time teeth grinding. I have suffered from bruxism for a number of years and have tried standard mouth guards in attempts to protect my teeth at night. Nothing worked, as the mouth guards were ill fitting and easily removed in sleep. As my grinding continued, it started disrupting my sleep, caused near daily headaches, and finally daily tooth pain. Upon receiving my SCi, I couldn't believe how compact and well fitted it was. Putting it in at night is simple as it clicks into place due to the fact that it's moulded to the shape of my front lower teeth. Because of this, I am not able to push it out at night and after a few nights use, you are able to pretty much forget it's there. Unlike a regular mouth guard, it doesn't just protect my teeth, but assists with reducing grinding. After a couple of weeks of use, I have noticed that my tension headaches have reduced dramatically, and all my prior tooth pain disappeared. I am really impressed with the SCi, especially as it is so easy to clean and is durable. I no longer need to worry about replacing a mouth guard every few months, and ultimately, the best thing is that it's not just protecting my teeth from the grinding, but actually providing real long-term oral health benefits, as well as benefiting my day-to-day wellbeing in the long run.


I've been with Haymarket dental for a number of years, and until recently I only ever needed to go in for a check up and a polish. Every time I have visited the practice the staff have been really professional and really nice.

A few weeks ago however, I had a pretty extreme need for dental work after an unfortunate incident had left me with a fractured front tooth.I went in first thing Monday morning and I was seen very quickly. On assessment it was pretty clear that the best course of treatment was going to be a dental implant.

Through a combination of exceptional service and a bit of luck (!) I got a consultation with the implant specialist Andrew Norman pretty much immediately. He laid out my options in such a way that I was able to form a decision with the minimum of stress.

I new I was dealing with an expert practitioner and this gave me absolute confidence to proceed with what is a somewhat daunting treatment.The treatment is in phases and I'm about half way to the finish line, although the most complicated part - the implant itself - was done just one week after my initial consultation.

There are multiple reasons that I can wholeheartedly recommend Haymarket Dental, but what has impressed me more than anything is their efficiency — or perhaps this is better described as their willingness to be efficient. With Andrew and his colleagues, you are in extremely good hands. It is very clear that they genuinely care about their patients, and they will go above and beyond the call of duty for them. I figure when it comes to eyes and teeth, don't mess around. Make sure you get the very best care.

Colin P

Invisalign Testimonial

I have been attending Haymarket Dental for the past 3 years and I have to say they are the best at what they do. I have recently had Invisalign, done through Dr Kiki. She was brilliant the whole way through the process and I am delighted with how straight my teeth are now.

In addition to the Invisalign I required two crowns (on my front teeth) and Dr Andrew carried out this work (due to Dr Kiki being off on maternity leave). Dr Andrew was, like Dr Kiki, great at what he does. He explains exactly what he is doing as he is working on your mouth.

Dr Kiki and Dr Andrew have excellent assistants Kaysha and Stacey who always greet you with a smile and do a great job assisting Kiki and Andrew. Finally, and definitely worth a mention, are Sharon and Rebecca. The two girls at front of house who are always happy to help you.

The overall feeling I get from Haymarket is one of a family business where everyone who works there feels like part of it. The greatest testament I can give is that, even though I have moved away from Edinburgh to Glasgow I still use Haymarket Dental for all my dentistry work.Keep up the excellent work.

David C

Porcelain Inlay Testimonial

I’ve been a longstanding patient of Haymarket Dental after first attending the surgery 5 years ago. It’s very convenient for my work commute at Haymarket Station. The staff are always friendly and pleasant to talk to and I like the modern feel if the surgery inside.

It always feels at each appointment I attend that everything is very well explained and when I have received treatment in the past my dentist Andrew has always given me a full account of different options available for me with a print out of different cost options. I have recently had a porcelain Onlay fitted to a upper tooth half way back which had become sharp and uncomfortable. This treatment was performed in a single appointment 1 week after my 3 month Denplan hygiene appointment.

Andrew used his new scanning machine which I had never seen before. No Impressions, no temporary plastic tooth, no return visit....amazing. I then watched him design the Porcelain on the computer and waited in reception watching it being milled on their new machine. It was fitted within an hour. I had no idea this kind of thing existed. Thanks again. Thoroughly recommended.

Stephen L

Implants Testimonial

Implant procedure- I recently underwent an implant procedure with sinus lift surgery, all conducted at Haymarket Dental. It took a bit of time for me to get my head around getting an implant, but I was worried about the implications to my dental health of not having one.

There was no pressure on me to go ahead, and I was fully informed of all of my options so that I could make an informed decision. A major deciding factor was knowing that I would be under the excellent care of the team here, as they have always been professional, efficient, reassuring and expert at what they do.

The implant procedure and sinus lift were no different. Dr Norman and the Dental Nurses explained the whole process every step of the way, and the team were always on hand if I needed any advice or help. I could not be more delighted with the results of my implant and overall my dental health has never been better. Highly recommended for anyone considering an implant.

Tracey P

Veneers Testimonial

Just had two veneers fitted for my front top teeth which were chipped, had been built up but then kept breaking. The procedure was clearly explained and simple as Andy was able to do the prep then create the veneers in an hour or so at the surgery, thanks to a very clever bit of kit, and then fit them that same morning.

I am delighted with the result - Andy is meticulous - and would highly recommend the practice for their friendliness, skill and professionalism.

Gillian S

Wisdom teeth Testimonial

I had my impacted wisdom tooth removed by Andrew Norman. From start to finish, the service was excellent. Reception staff responded promptly to my email enquiry and arranged a consultation appointment quickly.

Andrew explained the procedure clearly during the consultation, outlining what would happen and possible complications. The actual procedure was much less daunting than I had anticipated due to Andrew's reassurance throughout. Clear advice was given on after care and a receptionist phoned later on that day to make sure I was ok. Thanks Haymarket Dental for all round excellent service!

Caroline B

General Testimonial

Just registered with this practice and had my first checkup. Unfortunately it's not great news for me, but the staff are incredibly polite and lovely, and my dentist, Anastasia G, was clear, thorough, upfront, and frankly very proactive about what needed done to salvage my mouth.

The practice itself is very clean, the rooms nice and bright, and the reception area feels relaxed and inviting Really impressed so far.

Caroline B

General Testimonial

It is a pleasure to visit Haymarket Dental each and every time. There is always a welcoming, friendly atmosphere in the reception area with staff that couldn’t be more helpful. Dr Andrew Norman is an excellent dentist who instantly puts you at ease each time. If you are looking for a new dentist - I highly recommend this team. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

Graeme W

General Testimonial

Exceptional level of professional care - and equally professional and friendly management by the reception staff. The dentists always take the time to talk you through what they're doing with patience and care, explaining treatment options, and reassuring you if you're ever nervous or have questions.

Wouldn't go anywhere else and would highly recommend them for all aspects of dental care. The attention to detail the whole team pays is extremely high.

Annie L

General Testimonial

I have attended this practice since Andy and Kiki took over in 2009. Andy has treated me in various situations from check ups to replacing old fillings and crowns. He is very thorough in his procedures and informative as to how and why he is completing any work. In my opinion he wants the best for you and certainly delivers in that respect.

I recently had 3 crowns fitted and a clean with his new bi carb cleaning machine (it compared to a power wash/sand blast in my opinion, but not unpleasant). The results were amazing. The practice definitely keeps up to date with equipment and modern procedures, I highly recommend them

Dane H

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